Progression 1: Rhetorical Analysis

Essay Assignment: Analyze specific writing choices in “Monster Culture” in order to make an insightful argument regarding the intended or imagined audience(s) for that essay. You should aim to not only characterize the audience(s) via your analyses of the writer’s choices but also to evaluate the writer’s stance towards the audience(s) and the significance of the writer’s choices.

Progression 2: Lens Analysis

Essay Assignment: Using ideas from “Monster Culture” and “Masters of Desire,” analyze a static visual advertisement in order to make an insightful argument about the messages of the advertisement and the methods by which it conveys its messages. You must also consider how your argument complicates or extends ideas from “Monster Culture” or “Masters of Desire.”

Progression 3: Researched Argument

Essay Assignment: Research and use a variety of contextual, theoretical, and argument sources to produce an insightful argument about the meaning and significance of a single “monstrous” film of your selection. You should aim to explore a specific interpretive problem evident in the film by analyzing the film itself and critically engaging with existing opinions about the film and relevant theories.


FINAL DRAFT GRADES (75% in total):
Assignment 1: Rhetorical Analysis (4 – 5 pages) – 15%
Assignment 2: Lens Analysis (5 – 7 pages) – 25%
Assignment 3: Researched Argument (7 – 9 pages) – 35%

Homework – 10%
In-class writing – 10%
Preliminary and formal drafts – 5%

Late and Missed Assignments, Drafts, and Final Essays

Submitting work late and failing to submit work at all make it much harder for you to do well on your essays since you miss the opportunity to receive timely feedback that can guide your revisions.  In the spirit of fairness and professionalism:

  • Late homework exercises and formal drafts will not receive written feedback. However, you are always welcome to come visit me in office hours to discuss your work.
  • For late final drafts, your draft grade will be lowered by 1/3 (e.g. from a B- to a C+) beginning the minute after the deadline. The grade will continue to go down by a third of a letter grade every 24 hours until the essay is submitted.
  • All work must be submitted via WordPress or Dropbox by the deadline in order to be considered “on time.”
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